We have the luxury of shopping amongst everything the diamond market has to offer.

Unlike other jewelers, we do not own our diamond inventory. This allows us to shop for the stone of your dreams rather than selecting from a limited inventory. We have established a superb network of trusted and knowledgeable local and international diamond partners to ensure we find you exactly what you are looking for within your budget and your choice of specifications.

We specialize in finding the most extensive spread in a diamond.

We believe that diamond dimensions are more important than carat weight. With complete transparency, we aim to educate you in every aspect of your diamond shopping experience from beginning to end so that you may find value in your pocket and quality on your finger. We hand-pick an assortment of the highest quality diamonds to present to you from which to choose.

We empower you to make an informed decision

Using the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity) as a guide to assess diamond quality, we believe in educating you on the fundamentals of what makes a perfect stone for you. We are aware that choosing a diamond can be a complex and challenging decision, but we strive to make it as fun and as effortless as possible.

We create the perfect wedding ring for you

Once you have selected your diamond, we will help you design your ideal wedding ring. Our settings are handcrafted by our master bench jewelers located in Los Angeles. We oversee each step of the process to guarantee the final product has the Foundry seal of approval.


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