Born in South Africa, a leading location for the finest of jewels and the most precious of metals, it comes as no surprise that Janet Heller fell in love with the fine art of jewelry craftsmanship.

Foundry: the act, process, or art of casting metals.

The Foundry Fine Jewelry, launched in 2006, brings clients curated pieces from selections of jewelers all around the world, alongside Janet’s own custom work. Located in sunny Los Angeles, Foundry Jewelry is defined by it’s quality and timelessness.

Janet’s fascination with jewelry began as a little girl in South Africa, playing dress up with her mother and grandmother’s jewels. Even back then, she was enthralled by the transformation that jewelry brought about in her. It made her feel beautiful, special, unique and regal. Fine artistry and attention to detail are hallmarks of each piece. Through each piece of jewelry, Janet’s mission is to make all women feel special and beautiful and transcendent.

A jewelry collection should have meaning and purpose and each piece should tell a story. A story of it’s origins somewhere in this big wide world, it’s journey through the hands of master crafters and artisans and it’s final destination into the hands of the distinctive person who becomes its owner and wearer.